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Which tools to choose to manage your social media?

I could also have chosen this title: how to choose the management tools of your social networks, in order to save time and have a serene mind?
I’m going to give you an overview of the tools I personally use to manage my social networks with Message In a Bottle: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

SEO: Basics for beginners

SEO is one aspect of content marketing that seems very complicated. That’s why I decided to write this article, SEO : basics for beginners. To make it accessible.

This blogpost is for you, business owner, if you want to try to optimize your website by yourself or simply, if you want to understand the basics to talk with your copywriter or your webmaster.

Which marketing channels to choose when you begin your business?

Be visible when you start your business helps you get your first customers and continually find new ones. However, it’s not so easy to determine which channels of communication to use first. Not to mention that the entrepreneur beginner has about 1012 things to do when he starts his business 🤯. So happens a vital question: which marketing channels to choose when you begin your business?

My mobile office: my travel essentials

When you work while traveling and especially when you leave for several months or weeks, it is important to bring what is necessary for the smooth running of your small business. So I decided to introduce you to my mobile office: my travel essentials.

Interview of Silvia Dogliani, photojournalist

When I tell you to follow your instinct when attending networking events, this interview is certainly the proof. Freelance life is made of beautiful encounters. I met Silvia Dogliani in an art gallery in Singapore while she was passing through for a few days. I heard...

Yogi Tea, a zen brand

Initially, I wanted to talk to you about the brand of tea Pukka that seduced me when I was in London. But when I wrote this article, its website was under construction. Therefore, I decided to stay on the same kind of drink, because no, I do not drink only beer or...

5 tips to proofread your texts

Whether it's an email, a post for social networks, the texts of a website, a portfolio or a blog post, before publishing or printing, you must ALWAYS proofread. But how to proceed? How to proofread effectively? What to pay attention to? I share my 5 tips to proofread...

Happy Socks, the brand that makes your feet trendy

During my 2 months in London, I found the joys of the cold. Honestly, after more than one year in a tropical country, I happily reused my winter wardrobe. Or rather, what was left of it? Yes, because who says moving abroad, says optimization of stocks. So I still had...

Museum of Brands, a Marketing evolution

I do not know if you do the same. When I am traveling, I love to watch the ads, brands and packaging of the countries where I am. It's very inspiring. When I learned that there was a Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising in London, I obviously jumped on it....