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How to create an editorial calendar for your social media?

To effectively manage your social media, you can use several methods and tools. In my opinion, one is unavoidable: the editorial calendar. Today, I’m going to explain to you how to create an editorial calendar for your social media. I will share with you my process.

Create your business abroad: experiences in Bali and Singapore

When you create your business, you combine several trades at the same time. When you become an entrepreneur abroad, it’s the same thing but you must simply add a big parameter: the culture of the country where you are. Create a business abroad is a big adventure. Discover the Delma Davies’s story who created her own business in Bali, the Aroma Spa Retreat.

National Museum of Singapore: the history of a country through packaging

Singaporeans are known for their love for food. They are very proud of their gastronomic culture.
There is any surprise then that the National Museum of Singapore is devoting an exhibition about the history of food packaging in the 20th century. The original title is Packaging Matters – Singapore’s food packaging story from the early 20th century.

Bohol Bee Farm, this place that makes the buzz

There are stories that put the Swiss cuckoos on time and push you to step back. That’s exactly what happened when I heard about Bohol Bee Farm last March , which, as the name suggests, is on Bohol Island in the Philippines.

Copywriting: more than words

A copywriting job involves several stages. In the end, writing is a small part of what copywriting is.
After more than a year of activity, I realized that if we are talking about storytelling and copywriting, not many people know what this activity really means.
Today, it will change. I will explain to you how I proceed. The activity of copywriter will have (almost) no more secrets for you.

Which tools to choose to manage your social media?

I could also have chosen this title: how to choose the management tools of your social networks, in order to save time and have a serene mind?
I’m going to give you an overview of the tools I personally use to manage my social networks with Message In a Bottle: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

SEO: Basics for beginners

SEO is one aspect of content marketing that seems very complicated. That’s why I decided to write this article, SEO : basics for beginners. To make it accessible.

This blogpost is for you, business owner, if you want to try to optimize your website by yourself or simply, if you want to understand the basics to talk with your copywriter or your webmaster.

Which marketing channels to choose when you begin your business?

Be visible when you start your business helps you get your first customers and continually find new ones. However, it’s not so easy to determine which channels of communication to use first. Not to mention that the entrepreneur beginner has about 1012 things to do when he starts his business 🤯. So happens a vital question: which marketing channels to choose when you begin your business?

My mobile office: my travel essentials

When you work while traveling and especially when you leave for several months or weeks, it is important to bring what is necessary for the smooth running of your small business. So I decided to introduce you to my mobile office: my travel essentials.