We work anywhere for worldwide clients.

We are talking about a more traditional communication that has already proven itself and is still effective, along with digital communication. Yes, because it is in the old pots that we often make the best soup!


You have an idea ? We take care of expressing it. Our goal is that the power of your ideas be found in our words.


Eagle eye is our nickname. We take care of tracking down mistakes for you.
Flash Service
This is a quick checkup but relevant of your whole communication to sort or understand what it is possible to improve.

Communication audit

Straight to the point. An analyse of your communication media and some concrete advice to improve them according to your field.
Communicate with a website and social networks is essential. But as everyone does, how to stand out? Contacting us is a good start…


You want a new website, but you do not know where to start? You want to have a website at the forefront while being manageable by beginners? We can manage this project for you.


You do not have the time to take care of your website, update it, create or integrate new content. It is a time-consuming activity. And we do it for you.


With the number of social networks that exist, you do not know which one to choose? In short, before going on a hike, you must equip yourself. We help you find the right equipment.


We must act: publish content that will interest your target. Bad news: It takes time. Good news: we are here for that!


This name has nothing to do with the famous Police’s song! Message In a Bottle was chosen to symbolize communication which crosses the oceans; a communication which travels. But who is behind Message In a Bottle? This is Delphine Berclaz Neuenschwander. She puts at your service her 10 years of experience in Communication.

Client says

Because we love our clients, we want to thank them for their trust.

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Latest news

Bohol Bee Farm, this place that makes the buzz

There are stories that put the Swiss cuckoos on time and push you to step back. That’s exactly what happened when I heard about Bohol Bee Farm last March , which, as the name suggests, is on Bohol Island in the Philippines.

Copywriting: more than words

A copywriting job involves several stages. In the end, writing is a small part of what copywriting is.
After more than a year of activity, I realized that if we are talking about storytelling and copywriting, not many people know what this activity really means.
Today, it will change. I will explain to you how I proceed. The activity of copywriter will have (almost) no more secrets for you.

Which tools to choose to manage your social media?

I could also have chosen this title: how to choose the management tools of your social networks, in order to save time and have a serene mind?
I’m going to give you an overview of the tools I personally use to manage my social networks with Message In a Bottle: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.