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30 November 2018

Tips to write a text… powerful!

I am often asked how I write texts ✍️ in French so quickly and so accurate. So, I decided to share some tips that help me write any type of text.

Yes, because with Message In a Bottle, I can write in the same day posts for social networks, presentation pitches for works, invitation emails for events, slogans, greeting cards, newspaper articles etc.

Ready to become powerful with your pen? Let’s go!

Think to your reader

This is a FUNDAMENTAL rule! You do not write to Aunt Gertrude as you write a tax claim letter. It makes sense: you adapt your speech/your text according to the person who will receive it. And of course, the field.
She’s the one you’re talking to and she needs to understand your message.

When I write, I imagine the future reader. I write the text according to what I would like to read if I were in its place. Weird? I admit I have many “myself” with whom I speak and we get along pretty well 🤭.

And YES, right now, as I’m writing this post, I’m thinking of you, dear reader 💓.

Write short sentences

WARNING! I will be of extreme violence: YOU ARE NOT MARCEL PROUST ! Neither do I. I know, it’s hard to hear the whole truth. So, we avoid coordinating conjunctions that make it possible to make extended sentences.

Brevity = Efficiency. Keep this mantra in mind. Even if, French expands more than English… Therefore, your reader will succeed in following your thought.

If you do not want to be concise on the first draft, read your text later and cut. How to choose ?

In principle, we try to put one idea per sentence. This is not a strict rule, because it is clear that it must be adapted according to the kind of text, but it should still help you.

Avoid repetition

Nothing is worse than reading a text and feeling like you are going around in circles.

If you have the same word that appears in each sentence, your reader will focus only on this fact and be completely disconnected from your speech. Your message will not reach his brain and your text will not be useful.

It’s time to remember all those figures of style that you learned some time ago. Use synonyms, paraphrases, metaphors, etc. to avoid repeating yourself. Obviously, you still have to stay sober. Again, it depends on the kind of texts…

Read your text again and again

No, I have not forgotten that I already told you that about spelling. But, it’s not the same kind of proofreading.

When I write a text in French, I do several re-readings: one or two for the spelling, one for the grammar, one for the meaning of the text. This is just before this last one that you will have released your virtual knife to cut in your text.

You shorten, you remove the rehearsals if there are any: you get straight to the point! In addition, if you have a second look, it’s even better.

If you do not find anyone, know that I can be that outside look.

And last advice, read at least once aloud, just to see if your text sounds good. Yes, I also speak aloud on my own.

Find inspiration

After several hours of internal brainstorming, your screen remains desperately empty? Stop and do something else.

You are going to run, you are going to cook, you are going for a walk. It is by resting your brain that inspiration will come. Sometimes, just looking at people in the street helps me.

And when you come back to your keyboard, you will see you will be much better. You must not fight, just breathe.

But be careful, I’m not saying that the idea will fall on you alone, it still requires some discipline, work, practice and get in writing mode to get there.

Tell me if it worked for you!

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par Delphine Berclaz