le nombre de fans et de followers ça compte vraiment?

2 November 2018

Does the number of fans and followers really matter?

Often my clients come with a goal for their social networks: to have a lot of fans and followers. But does the number of fans or followers really matter? Let’s try to answer this question and put the acquisition of fans back in its place.

I propose to analyze why it is important to have fans and in what order of magnitude through some examples.

Just for show?

I’m sure if I ask you the question now, you’ll answer YES. It is obvious that having a good number of fans and followers, it is always better than having three people including your father your mother and your dog.

Personally, I would say that there is a middle way.

Unlock features

Having a number of fans can allow you to unlock certain features. This is the case of Instagram which gives you access to certain statistics only if you reach 100 followers. You will also have access to the “swipe up” feature if you have at least 100k followers.

Increase your visibility

Visibility is also dependent on the number of followers. It is clear that if you have 500k of fans you have more chances to come out of the quicksand than there is in the feed of your audience.

Why? Because a lot of people will like your post, share it, leave comment on it and consequently, you will go back in the newsfeeds.

Moreover, through your fans who have interacted, you will certainly appear in the one of their “friends”. In any case, on Facebook.


Having a large number of followers is easy!

I keep reminding my customers that: you can buy fans and followers. If tomorrow, I want 10k of fans on the Facebook account and the Instagram account of Message In a Bottle, I can have them.
As you can also ask robots to go to like posts for you.

You are more relax, isn’t it? Do not lie, I hear you sigh 😁!

Well, I ask the question that will definitely relax you: how would it help to have 10k fans from Thailand when you opened your business in London? NOTHING. We agree.

Acquiring fans who you can convert into customers is a long-term job based on a strategy. You are more likely to sell your services to followers who are located near you or who have an interest in what you offer, if it is something that you can sell remotely.

On the other hand, if it is about John, paid just to leave you a comment of this kind: “Awsooooome👍!” And he lives deep in Texas, there is little chance it will bring you something.

There is no miracle, if you want a lot of fans but with quality, you have to WORK: be present regularly and post quality content.

I remind you that I can help you and advise you or do this work for you. I’m waiting for your message!

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number fans followers matters

par Delphine Berclaz