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1 February 2019

Happy Socks, the brand that makes your feet trendy

During my 2 months in London, I found the joys of the cold. Honestly, after more than one year in a tropical country, I happily reused my winter wardrobe. Or rather, what was left of it? Yes, because who says moving abroad, says optimization of stocks.

So I still had 5 pairs of socks. Which is not enough, if you do not want to do the laundry every other day. Drama!
I MUST do some shopping.

Of course, when you pass by a Happy Socks store, it’s hard to resist as its colorful and cheerful socks. It sounds good in the gray!

For a long time, I wanted to write a communication review on Happy Socks, the brand that makes your feet trendy.

Now that I’ve tested, I’m talking about communication and marketing. And it will not be a smelly ticket 😉 (sorry, I had to do it # firstbadjoke2019).

The Brand

Happy Socks was founded about ten years ago and comes from the land of the Vikings (by the way, they wore what socks, the Vikings?), Sweden. A country that needs much enjoyement considering the number of hours of light it has in winter.

On the website, it’s written : « Happy Socks was created with one vision in mind, turn an everyday accessory into a designed colourful item that also spreads happiness. » What a beautiful goal!

The brand also promises variety of choice, high quality standards, etc.

When the socks weren’t happy

Quick question: do you remember that socks has attracted so much attention in the past in the fashion world? Well, it is true that wearing pants that reveal the calves played well in the favor of Happy Socks.

Thanks to my old age, I remembered that when I was a teenager, we loved wearing ugly tennis socks but like Michael Jackson, knee-length white socks inspired by Axl Rose of Guns n ‘Roses or socks black as thighs for us girls. Nothing frankly design.

The only brand that brought a little variety and color to my feet at that time was Burlington. The tiles is a pretty classic pattern, hum…

Marketing made by Happy Socks

In this context, Happy Socks has found the right niche. But it was still risky. I mean, the socks, we do not care a bit. This is not the accessory on which we used to spend time.

I do not know if Happy Socks is the first brand to have reversed the trend, but in any case, it did well. And that’s why:

  • A simple logo on a white background consisting solely of the name. But a modern “handwritten” font in 2008, which smells good, I-you-made-your-socks-at-the-hand.
  • A name that highlights the product and their motorcycle: happiness.
  • A product that does everything else: it is colorful, designed, sometimes limited edition, adapted to different countries, fun and young, etc.

We find the same sobriety and the same desire to let the product speak in their stores. They are all white, furniture and displays are very simple. Only socks catch the eye.

Happy Socks website

The website extends the sobriety of the stores. Normal: since it is an online store. It is functional, offers an overview of collections, inspirations to wear socks, gift boxes ready to make happy his loved ones.

Nothing special to report here.

Happy Socks social media

I decided to talk only about their Instagram and Facebook presence. Yes, because Happy Socks is also on Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and Google+. Hum!

Special message for Happy Socks community managers or webmasters: “It’s time to remove the Google+ icon from your website. It’s over. “

happy socks trendy socks

I started by watching Instagram. We still find the spirit of the brand with a colorful feed granted to his socks. Simplicity is reflected here by models taken in the street. We really feel like we could be the next person wearing Happy Socks socks in their post. Some posts focus on the shod feet that provide inspiration to wear the brand’s products in any circumstance.

On the Facebook side, nothing more to say. The publications are the same on both social networks.

Sweets or cactus: the final note

Overall, the marketing works well. Their products do all the work. And they do it well. By the way, in London, it’s still fashionable to show off your calves. So it looks like the sale of socks still has good days ahead. Especially, considering the number of stalls that sell socks of the same kind on the markets (see Shoreditch if you go to London) or other brands that flourish.

Except the Google+ which shows a little delay, I see nothing wrong with the communication of Happy Socks. The only thing is that I was expecting a little more fantasy and humor in their posts on social networks. Given the spirit of the brand that sells happiness, I think she could afford a light tone in her visuals. But I have good hope with this post (see above).

We could also expect that such a brand varies its posts between Instagram and Facebook…

Yes, because if the sock seems to continue to be an essential fashion accessory, it may not always be the case. Fashions are passing, and we hope the socks of happiness will not dying.

Are your feet happy?

happy socks trendy socks

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par Delphine Berclaz