10 secrets webdesigner

21 September 2018

10 secrets of webdesigner

This week I inaugurate the tradition of blogposts with guest. I inaugurate, too a new type of blogpost talking about my freelance colleagues, remote workers and digital nomads.
We start with Corinne Grondin from Made By You which reveals 10 secrets of webdesigner.

A webdesigner has several hats. Let’s explore which ones!

1. The webdesigner is a psychologist

He needs to be a psychologist to: understand the end user and make navigation on the website as fluid as possible.
The job of webdesigner takes into account the notions of web ergonomics, user experience or emotional design so that your website is in continuous improvement.

2. The webdesigner thinks client before product

The goal is to put the customer at the heart of the website. Finally, HE will use the website. Not you.

3. The webdesigner likes to test

You can almost measure everything and test on your website.
In short, you can, with free or paid tools, give you a joy on the tests and stay in continuous improvement. In addition, by conducting these tests and follow-ups, users will feel involved in your business.

4. The webdesigner is not (necessarily) a graphic designer

The webdesigner, by definition, will have to do to one support: the web.

So yes, there are webdesigners who have predispositions for pure graphics but this is not necessarily always the case.

5. The webdesigner likes empty spaces

Sometimes leaving empty space or having visual marks (conventional or judiciously created) leads the visitor to the important things of your website.
Minimalism has a good day ahead of it and your webdesigner likes it!

A webdesigner is half nerd, half artist.
Corinne Grondin

6. The webdesigner will not create too many special designs

There are conventions and habits on the Internet that have made a beautiful place in the sun and it’s not for nothing.
The moral of the story: a design that is too special is not necessarily a good thing.

7. The webdesigner is not just a nerd

Contrary to what we believe, a webdesigner knows how to use a paper and a pencil! at the design stage, he will create what are called wireframes: drawings on paper or whiteboard that consist of testing these different ideas.
A webdesigner is half geek, half artist.

8. The webdesigner likes to read

Like the conventions we discussed earlier, the text of your website needs to be carefully considered. Avoid technical language. Your webdesigner will guide you but it will not do the texts for you.

9. The webdesigner likes to give emotions

You have to touch your customer in the heart. This involves quality photos or texts in exact adequacy with your target: this is called emotional design. If you have a good design AND your users are emotionally engaged, you have won everything.

10. The webdesigner looks after his exits

But your goal is that your users stay the longest on your site. The webdesigner will look after your search result pages, your error pages or any other page called “cul-de-sac”. It will offer you to put, for example, a return to the homepage of your site, the list of your latest articles or products that the customer has previously watched.

Ready for hiring your webdesigner?

10 secrets of webdesigner

par Delphine Berclaz